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Recognition means the status awarded to an institution that possesses features of a higher education institution and meets the minimum criteria prescribed in the Higher Education Act 2008. Further details on recognition can be obtained from Part 3 of the Higher Education Regulations 2009.

HEC Fiji has now a Web portal to apply Recognition submission online.

An application for recognition must be –

(a) applied through the HEC Fiji Web Portal

(b) accompanied with the prescribed Recognition Fees.

How to Make Your Application

An application for recognition must be submitted electronically through the Recognition Web Portal. Applicants are advised to signup first to create their Web Portal account with HEC Fiji and then start the Recognition process from their Web Portal Account.

Note: All attachments uploaded in the Web Portal need to be certified true copies of the documents.

Assessment of the Application

The Recognition Committee, comprising of 4 members, would assess the application and make a recommendation to the Commission. The Assessor’s Guide provides further information on how the application would be assessed.