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With more than 500 programmes on the Fiji National Qualifications Framework and 49 registered institutions, we want to ensure that our knowledge economy is secure and continually being bolstered for the advancement of our nation.

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We regulate the registration and operation of all higher education institutions, ensuring they meet national and international quality standards.

We are also responsible for establishing and maintaining the Fiji National Qualifications Framework which enables Fijian qualifications to be benchmarked both in Fiji and internationally.

Information on Institutions

Anyone delivering award conferring courses (Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees) must undergo an Institutional Accreditation process to become fully registered with HEC.

To be registered, you must first apply for and be granted a certificate of recognition, which comes with the fulfilment of 13 quality assurance criteria. The next step will be to complete registration requirements.

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Information on Qualifications

The Fiji National Qualifications Framework provides a system for describing and classifying quality assured qualifications. It provides the strategic platform for education and training.

The Fiji National Qualifications Framework has been developed in consultation with all stakeholders, including industry and international advisors.

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Information on Accreditation

Accreditation is currently conducted by two units within HEC - The Fiji Qualifications Council and the Committee for the Accreditation of University Qualifications.

The Fiji Qualifications Council accredits qualifications from levels 1 to 6, and the Committee for the Accreditation of Univeristy Qualifications accredits qualifications from levels 7 to 10.

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