The University of the South Pacific


HEI Type:University
Legal Entity Name:The University of the South Pacific
Business/Company Number:631185779
Recognition Number:RCN 0050/10
Registration Number:RGN 0016/10
Registration Certificate Number:RG 0090
Start Date:27/05/2021
End Date:27/05/2026
Authorized Contact Person Name:Professor Pal Ahluwalia
Head Office:Laucala Campus, Laucala Bay Road, Suva
  1. Laucala Campus, Laucala Bay Road, Suva.
  2. Lautoka Campus, Vidilo Street, Lautoka.
  3. Labasa Campus, Level 2/3 Charan Jeet Singh Building, Corner of Neasukula Road and Jaduram
    Street, Labasa.

(Outstanding compliance requirements placed on HEI's registration)

List of HEC Recorded Qualifications on Scope of Services

Note: If there are no Qualifications listed below, the HEI does not have an accredited or recorded Qualification on its scope of services.

Qualification IDQualification Title
National QualificationsNil
Provider Qualifications 
CCC0107-35Certificate in Commercial Cookery (Level 4)
DHRM0107-36Diploma of Human Resources Management (Level 5)
BGS0107-37Bachelor of Geospatial Science (Level 7)
CECEC0107-38Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care
(Level 4)
CTAE0107-39Certificate in Training, Assessment and Evaluation
(Level 4)
CCD0107-109Certificate in Community Development (Level 3)
CSBDM0107-110Certificate in Small Business Development &
Management (Level 3)
DBM0107-111Diploma in Business Management (Professional) (Level
CECEC0107-118Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care
(Level 3)
DECEC0107-119Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level
DC0107-120Diploma of Counselling (Level 5)
BAGCE0107-123Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Education
(Level 7)
BAE0107-124Bachelor of Arts in Education (Level 7)
BAH0107-125Bachelor of Arts in History (Level 7)
BAJ0107-126Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Level 7)
BAL0107-127Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (Level 7)
BALI0107-128Bachelor of Arts in Literature (Level 7)
BALL0107-129Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Language (Level 7)
BAMM0107-130Bachelor of Arts in Marine Management (Level 7)
BAPP0107-131Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Policing (Level 7)
BAPSHA0107-132Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Studies, Heritage and Arts
(Level 7)
BAP0107-133Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Level 7)
BASW0107-134Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Level 7)
BAS0107-135Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Level 7)
BCGCE0107-136Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Certificate in
Education (Level 7)
BEECEC0107-137Bachelor of Education (Level 7)
BEP0107-138Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Level 7)
BES0107-139Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Level 7)
BCE0107-140Bachelor of Engineering in Civil (Level 7)
BSGCE0107-141Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate in
Education (Level 7)
BSB0107-142Bachelor of Science in Biology (Level 7)
BSC0107-143Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Level 7)
BSMS0107-144Bachelor of Science in Marine Science (Level 7)
BSP0107-145Bachelor of Science in Physics (Level 7)
BALLB0107-156Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BAEM0107-157Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management (Level 7)
BAG0107-158Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Level 7)
BCBLW0107-159Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BLW0107-160Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BSESC0107-160Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (Level 7)
BSG0107-162Bachelor of Science in Geography (Level 7)
BAG0107-249Bachelor of Agriculture (Level 7)
BAP0107-250Bachelor of Arts in Politics (Level 7)
BCA0107-251Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Level 7)
BCAEA0107-252Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture Economics and
Agribusiness (Level 7)
BCE0108-253Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (Level 7)
BCF0108-254Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (Level 7)
BCHM0107-255Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (Level 7)
BCHRMER0107-256Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
& Employment Relations (Level 7)
BCIBM0107-257Bachelor of Commerce in International Business
Marketing (Level 7)
BCLM0107-258Bachelor of Commerce in Land Management (Level 7)
BCMPA0107-259Bachelor of Commerce in Management & Public
Administration (Level 7)
BCOS0107-260Bachelor of Commerce in Official Statistics (Level 7)
BCPSD0107-261Bachelor of Commerce in Population Studies &
Demography (Level 7)
BCPA0107-262Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting (Level
BCTH0107-263Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality (Level
BCTM0107-264Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management (Level 7)
DLIS0107-265Diploma of Library and Information Services (Level 5)
CCO0107-332Certificate in Counselling (Level 4)
BESIE0107-348Bachelor of Education (Special & Inclusive
Education) (Level 7)
BSEE0107-349Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronics)
(Level 7)
BSEN0107-350Bachelor of Software Engineering (Level 7)
BEM0107-351Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Level 7)
BEEE0107-352Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)
(Level 7)
BNS0107-353Bachelor of Networks and Security (Level 7)
BAL0107-354Bachelor of Arts (Law) (Level 7)
CCFAC0107-368Certificate in Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture
Compliance (Level 4)
BACS0107-369Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (Level 7)
BSCS0107-370Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Level 7)
BSGS0107-371Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Science (Level 7)
BAIS0107-372Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems (Level 7)
BCIS0107-373Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems (Level 7)
BSIS0107-374Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (Level 7)
BAM0107-375Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (Level 7)
BSM0107-376Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Level 7)
GDLD0107-377Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (Level 7)
*known in USP as the Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting
CHM0107-378Certificate in Heritage Management (Level 7)
*known in USP as the Professional Certificate in Heritage Management
BAPLS0107-417Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Language Studies (Level 7)
BAPVLF0107-418Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Vernacular Languages
(Fijian) (Level 7)
BAPVLH0107-419Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Vernacular Languages
(Hindi) (Level 7)
BSMEP0107-420Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering and
Physics) (Level 7)
CCS0107-421Certificate in Cyber Security (Level 7)
CP0107-422Certificate in Policing (Level 7)
CSCW0107-423Certificate in Social and Community Work (Level 7)
CVLT0107-424Certificate in Vernacular Language (Tongan &
Niuafo’ou) (Level 7)
CVLV0107-425Certificate in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue)
(Level 7)
CVLVL0107-426Certificate in Vernacular Language (Level 7)
CJL0107-427Certificate of Justice (Law) (Level 4)
DPM0107-428Diploma in Police Management (Level 7)
DSCW0107-429Diploma in Social and Community Work (Level 7)
DVLC0107-430Diploma in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands Maori)
(Level 7)
DVLH0107-431Diploma in Vernacular Language (Hindi) (Level 7)
DVLT0107-432Diploma in Vernacular Language (Tongan &
Niuafo’ou) (Level 7)
DVLV0107-433Diploma in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue) (Level
DPL0107-434Diploma in Prosecutions (Law) (Level 7)
DJ0107-451Diploma of Justice (Level 7)
BACM0107 – 491Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media (Level 7)
DPJ0107 – 492Diploma in Pacific Journalism (Level 7)
CVLCLM0107 – 493Certificate in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands
Māori) (Level 7)
DPM0107 – 494Diploma in Project Management (Level 5)