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Teachers Call for Curriculum Review

The Northern Division teachers expressed their desire for a thorough primary and secondary education school curriculum review to the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) visiting consultation team in the North this week. The consultation was held to explore how best to introduce competency–based TVET lessons into the secondary school system.

“This is a common sentiment we have gathered from teachers throughout the country,” explained FHEC Chair, Mr Steve Chand. ”

“They raised that many lessons have become outdated, and some topics are irrelevant to Fiji’s current trends and development.”

Teachers teaching TVET subjects highlighted the need to shift from emphasizing theoretical leaning to a more hands-on approach incorporating practical assignments to help students better understand the topics.

FHEC Director, Dr Rohit Kishore expressed the need to strengthen education systems and introduce curriculum reforms to better prepare students for the world of work. He also suggested introducing TVET competency-based courses into the secondary school curriculum to equip students with career-specific skills and greater employability opportunities.

The teachers thanked FHEC for taking the initiative to visit schools and institutions in the North and expressed their hope that the recommendations on the primary and secondary curriculum reform will be implemented at the earliest.