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Nasoso For Higher Education Registration

The Macuata Methodist Divisional School is eagerly working to be registered under the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) and to be the first of the Methodist circuit schools. This was expressed with interest by the Board of the School to a visiting consultancy team from the FHEC.

The school commonly known as ‘Nasoso’ was set up by the Macuata Methodist Division to provide basic pastoral courses to trainees who later advance to the Methodist Lay Training Centre or Methodist Deaconess Order.

Macuata Methodist Division Superintendent, Rev Waisale Rasekaseka thanked the FHEC for the consultancy visit held at the institution where the members of the Board and church ministers serving in the division met with the officers of the FHEC.

“We have come to understand the importance and the value of getting registered under the FHEC,” described Rev Rasekaseka. “It is a benchmark that allows us to improve our services to our very own congregation and at the same time attract more students to the school.

The institution gained its Recognition Certificate in 2019 and work stopped as the committee in charge was dissolved, and the current administration has zero knowledge of its progress.

The institution is working very closely with the FHEC to gain its Registration Certificate.

“What Nasoso has done should challenge other Methodist circuit schools to lift their standards,” advised HEC Director, Dr Rohit Kishore.

Dr Kishore said that the Commission is not only a regulator, but an enabler and institutions can always request its assistance in terms of governance and quality assurance.