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MSME Fiji to establish relationship with FHEC

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Fiji met with the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) to explore the opportunities of working together in terms of education and training related to MSMEs and to establish a professional working relationship.

The discussion of the two parties centre around the standardizing of training and an establishment of an institution to be a focal point for MSME.

“ We want have an organized sector where training programmes are properly accredited and streamlined and have a focal training institution to represent the majority,” described Director MSME Fiji, Mr Faizal Khan.

Mr Khan said MSME in Fiji consists of 3000 enterprises and they develop and deliver own train training which are mostly short courses. MSME can assist FHEC in controlling short courses.

FHEC Chair, Mr Steve Chand thanked the team for reaching out to the FHEC and assured them that the FHEC is always willing to assist with due processes followed.

“ We are glad to work with MSME Fiji to promote the idea and value of entrepreneurship to our learners in Fiji,” stressed the FHEC Chair.

FHEC Director Dr Rohit Kishore said that this relationship is important so that FHEC can access data of skills training provided by MSMEs.

MSMEs contribute over 18% of the GDP and provide employment for approximately 60% of the Fijian labour force.

The MSME team led by Director MSME Fiji, Mr Faizal Khan. with the FHEC Chair, Mr Steve Chand.