Monfort Technical Training Institute – Savusavu


Status:Provisionally Registered
HEI Type:Vocational Institution
Legal Entity Name:Monfort Technical Training Institute -Savusavu
Business/Company Number:1271
Recognition Number:N/A
Registration Number:RGN 0073/22
Registration Certificate Number:RG 0096
Start Date:19/05/2022
End Date:18/05/2023
Authorized Contact Person Name:Br. Gibi John
Mobile:8691010 / 7562929
Landline:8850681 / 8850729
Head Office:Nukuloa Road, Balaga Bay, Savusavu.

(Outstanding compliance requirements placed on HEI's registration)

The Monfort Technical Training Institute – Savusavu must apply for registration accompanied by the prescribed fee within the next 6 months; and

The Monfort Technical Training Institute – Savusavu must meet all the criteria specified in Clause 4.3.1 of the Commission’s Policy 0-1 Recognition and Registration (including Review) of Higher Education Institutions.


List of HEC Accredited
Qualifications on Scope of Services

Note: If there are no Qualifications listed below, the HEI does not have an accredited or recorded
Qualification on its scope of services.

Qualification CodeQualification Title
National QualificationsNil
Provider QualificationsNil