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HECF Chairperson visits Nailili, Rewa

The Chair of the Higher Education Commission Fiji, Mr. Steve Chand dedicated his Saturday this weekend to an engaging visit in Nailili, Rewa. He met with both the dedicated staff of Rewa Secondary School and the spirited Catholic Youths attending a weekend camp. Among the significant discussions, Rewa Secondary’s initiative to reopen its Vocational Centre took center stage.

During a separate session, Mr. Chand passionately addressed the youths, delving into the spectrum of government opportunities while shedding light on the critical issue of the exodus of our skilled professionals. His insights aimed to inspire and guide the younger generation toward impactful career pathways.

Meanwhile, the dedicated staff of Rewa Secondary received a directive to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. This study is pivotal in identifying and pinpointing the most relevant programs for the envisioned Vocational Centre, aligning the institution’s offerings with the current needs and demands of the community and beyond.

Mr Chand was accompanied by Mr Romanu Tikotikoca ( former Commissioner of Police), Mr Harry Smith ( Ministry of Education) and Epi Rawalai ( Higher Education Commission – Fiji).

Rewa visit