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EDUCATION – Key to development for I Taukei Says Vasu

The Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Honorable Ifereimi Vasu, emphasized that education is a crucial factor for the iTaukei to excel in business and other areas of development. Hon. Vasu shared his views during a meeting with the team from the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF) to discuss educational development and empowerment at the provincial level.
Mr. Steve Chand, Chair of the HECF, briefed Hon. Vasu on the latest initiatives concerning the establishment of provincial training institutions aimed at empowering individuals through tailored programs, bridging skills gaps, and providing direct skills training to Fijians in their communities. He highlighted the importance of these institutions in fostering local talent and ensuring sustainable community development.
The HECF has been actively engaging Provincial Councils in consultations regarding these initiatives, while the councils are also conducting their own consultation efforts. These collaborative efforts are aimed at ensuring that the programs are well-received and effectively address the unique needs of each province.
Hon. Vasu enthusiastically endorsed the initiative, highlighting its alignment with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs’ Solesolevaki Framework for educational development activities. He expressed gratitude for the collaboration between the Ministry and the HECF, noting that such partnerships are essential for driving progress and achieving long-term goals.
The Minister also emphasised the broader impact of education on community resilience and economic growth. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, these initiatives are expected to enhance employment opportunities and contribute to the overall well-being of iTaukei communities.