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Courtesy Visit To The New Zealand High Commission

Taking a courtesy visit to the New Zealand High Commission, FHEC Chair Mr Steve Chand and Director Dr Rohit Kishore presented some initial findings of the FHEC consultation regarding skills training and education.

Key elements included the importance of building teachers’ capacity to accommodate proposed curriculum changes, which would feature choices of competency-based lessons.

Manager of International Development Cooperation Ms Sarah Nisbet acknowledged the approach taken by the FHEC, noting with concern the exodus of skilled professionals from Fiji.

She expressed interest in looking at data on the Fiji people who had moved to New Zealand on work visas and exploring potential solutions to reverse the current trend.

In response, Mr Chand thanked the High Commission for their positive engagement on the matters discussed.

In conclusion, Mr Chand emphasized the need for continued collaboration between development partners to address the exodus of skilled professionals from Fiji effectively.