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Competency-Based TVET Courses in Secondary School – An Intervention

The Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) proposes introducing competency-based Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) lessons in secondary schools as a long-term intervention to address the exodus of skilled professionals in Fiji.

Conducting consultations in the Northern Division this week, an FHEC consultation team led by Chair Mr Steve Chand visited secondary schools and higher educational institutions to discuss the idea and participate in the feedback.

Mr Chand believes providing these options in secondary schools will give students the skills to enter highly skilled trade and service professions. “The idea is to produce more skilled people to cater to local and overseas markets. We can’t stop migration, and this is the best solution to address the issue of the exodus of skilled professionals,” Mr Chand described.

FHEC Director, Dr Rohit Kishore explained that the proposed competency-based lessons will allow students to exit secondary school with Certificate Level 1 and 2 qualifications, immediately rendering them employable.

“The enticing element of the package is the hundred percent coursework and serve those students who are often disheartened by academic examinations,” Dr Kishore continued.

Dr Kishore further said that parents need to change their mindset and recognize the value of TVET lessons, and the benefits attached as per the demand in the labour market today.

Teachers in the Northern Division who participated in the consultation support the proposal by the FHEC, hoping that it’s implemented early with a sound review of the current curriculum.