Newly Selected Fiji Qualifications Council Members Took Oath of Office

The newly elected members of the Fiji Qualifications Council (FQC) took their Oath of Office and formally signed their contracts today at the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF) Office. The FQC members comprise Mr. Anirudh Singh as Chair, accompanied by esteemed colleagues: Mrs. Atelini Koroiwaca, Mr. Eremasi Tamanisau, Mr. Jinesh Lal, Mr. Pravee Anand Maharaj, Mrs. Rakeshni Lata, Mr. Ravai Antonio, and Mrs. Taraivosa Tinai Tuitoga. This event marks the initiation of their roles in steering the FQC towards its objectives with dedication and integrity.

Addressing the FQC members, HECF Chair, Mr. Steve Chand, looked forward to working together on the Fiji National Qualifications Framework. He stressed the importance of setting and reviewing standards to produce skilled graduates ready for the workforce, highlighting the crucial role of the FQC.

“In response to the escalating demand for graduates both domestically and internationally, it is incumbent upon us to devise strategies that uphold quality standards while meeting industry requirements,” stressed Mr. Chand, highlighting the paramount importance of maintaining quality amidst market demands.

Dr. Rohit Kishore, CEO of HECF, provided an overview, acquainting the Council members with pertinent insights and updates crucial to their mandate.

In reciprocation, Mr. Anirudh Singh, Chair of the FQC, conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Council members, expressing eagerness for a productive tenure of service.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Education, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Honorable Viliame Gavoka, undertook a visit to the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF). The primary purpose of this visit was to receive updates on the activities of the HECF subsequent to assuming the role of Minister for Education, succeeding the former minister.

Mr. Steve Chand, Chair of HECF, extended a warm welcome to the Minister, expressing the organization’s deep appreciation for the government’s decision to appoint Honorable Gavoka as Minister for Education. HECF looks forward to cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship as he undertakes the duties of this esteemed position.

Dr. Rohit Kishore, CEO of HECF, conducted an interactive presentation to showcase the organization’s key achievements and initiatives.

Ninety-Nine Trainees from AUC Fiji Campus Ready for Aged Care Training in Australia

The radiant smiles on their faces spoke volumes. Ninety-nine trainees from Alphacrucis University College (AUC) Fiji Campus are brimming with readiness as they prepare to depart for Australia upon successfully completing their training terms in Fiji. AUC plays a pivotal role in providing theoretical training, while partnering with Bolton Clarke, Australia’s largest independent not-for-profit aged care provider, renowned for its comprehensive services encompassing at-home support, retirement living, and residential aged care. This collaborative effort signifies a blend of academic and practical training, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for the trainees entering the field of aged care.

AUC training in Fiji is part of the objectives of the Australian government’s Aged Care Expansion (ACE) program.

HECF and Ministry of Education Officials Evaluate TVET Implementation at Richmond Methodist High School, Kadavu

Higher Education Commission – Fiji (HECF) Chair, Mr. Steve Chand, along with Principal Education Officer TEST, Mr. Aminiasi Voresara from the Ministry of Education, visited Richmond Methodist High School while on tour in Kadavu. Their primary objective is to assess and strategize the implementation of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs that align seamlessly with the unique needs and context of Kadavu Province.

The team was warmly welcomed by the School Principal, Mr. Viasi Gukirewa, at Richmond Methodist High School.

Teacher Training Institutions Collaborate to Enhance Intake Processes for Quality Graduates

Teacher Training Institutions (TTIs) convened yesterday ( Thursday, 25/01/24) to deliberate on enhancing their intake processes with a focus on ensuring the production of high-quality teacher graduates. Chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Education, Ms. Selina Kuruleca, the meeting also included key stakeholders such as the Higher Education Commission Fiji, Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service, and the Fiji Teachers Registration Authority. The collaborative discussions aimed at refining intake procedures reflect a collective commitment to fostering excellence in teacher education and addressing the evolving needs of the education sector.

Alphacrucis University College (AUC) Achieves Registration with HECF, Expands Educational Footprint to Fiji, in Alignment with Australian Government’s ACE Program.

Congratulations to Alphacrucis University College (AUC) on its successful registration with the Higher Education Commission – Fiji (HECF). This significant achievement marks a pivotal step for AUC as it expands its educational footprint by establishing a campus in Fiji. This initiative aligns with the objectives of the Australian government’s Aged Care Expansion (ACE) program, demonstrating AUC’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the community.

As the largest Protestant Christian Higher Education Institution in Australia, AUC takes pride in shaping the next generation of leaders across diverse fields such as Business, Counselling, Education, Health Sciences, Ministry, Music, and more. By extending its reach to Fiji, AUC aims to contribute to the global impact of its graduates.

With campuses strategically located throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as a robust online presence, AUC continues to provide accessible and high-quality education.

Enhancing Education in Kadavu

Mr. Steve Chand, the Chair of the Higher Education Commission – Fiji, is presently in Kadavu undertaking an assessment of the current infrastructure in schools and training institutions. The primary objective is to strategize ways to enhance their capacity. Additionally, the team is working to pinpoint pertinent courses tailored to the specific needs of the Kadavu Province, which will be incorporated into these educational institutions. This initiative serves as a follow-up to the Provincial Council Talanoa Session organized by the HECF, dedicated to addressing the skills shortage in Fiji. The on-site exploration and course identification aim to translate the discussions from the Talanoa Session into tangible actions for fostering education and skill development.

Mr Chand is accompanied by Senior Education Officer, Mr Aminiasi Voresara. At Vunisea Secondary School, the team was warmly received by Assistant Principal, Mr Atunaisa Kaitabu and HOD Ind Arts Mr Epeli Waqa.

“HECF Chair and Chinese Embassy Director Initiate Talks on Transformative Higher Education Collaboration”

The Chair of the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF), Mr. Steve Chand, held a meeting today with Mr. Jason Liu, the Director of Political Affairs at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Fiji. The primary purpose of this meeting was to engage in preliminary discussions regarding forthcoming strategic deliberations, proposals, and projects.

During their meeting, Mr. Chand and Mr. Liu delved into various facets of the upcoming strategic discussions, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts in the realm of higher education. They explored potential avenues for mutually beneficial projects and exchanged insights on fostering stronger educational ties between Fiji and China. Both parties expressed their commitment to cultivating a robust educational partnership that not only addresses current challenges but also lays the groundwork for sustained growth and cooperation in the future.

HECF, Holds Talanoa Session with Tourism Industry Stakeholders

Representatives from the tourism sector engaged in a Talanoa Session today—an open discussion expressing concerns about the apparent misalignment between the skills possessed by recent graduates and the evolving demands of the industry. This meeting marked the inaugural academia and industry collaboration stakeholders of Fiji’s tourism sector.

Guiding the Talanoa session, Higher Education Commission Fiji CEO Dr. Rohit Kishore emphasized the overarching goal of ensuring that education and training in Fiji upholds high quality, relevance to the industry, and world-class standards.

“The discussion is a success, noting the eagerness and positive and effective contributions of the participants,” described Dr. Kishore. “This is the first of many more Talanoa discussions, not only for the tourism industry but for the other sectors as well.”