HECF Chairperson visits Nailili, Rewa

The Chair of the Higher Education Commission Fiji, Mr. Steve Chand dedicated his Saturday this weekend to an engaging visit in Nailili, Rewa. He met with both the dedicated staff of Rewa Secondary School and the spirited Catholic Youths attending a weekend camp. Among the significant discussions, Rewa Secondary’s initiative to reopen its Vocational Centre took center stage.

During a separate session, Mr. Chand passionately addressed the youths, delving into the spectrum of government opportunities while shedding light on the critical issue of the exodus of our skilled professionals. His insights aimed to inspire and guide the younger generation toward impactful career pathways.

Meanwhile, the dedicated staff of Rewa Secondary received a directive to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. This study is pivotal in identifying and pinpointing the most relevant programs for the envisioned Vocational Centre, aligning the institution’s offerings with the current needs and demands of the community and beyond.

Mr Chand was accompanied by Mr Romanu Tikotikoca ( former Commissioner of Police), Mr Harry Smith ( Ministry of Education) and Epi Rawalai ( Higher Education Commission – Fiji).

Pacific Regional Seminary Graduation

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF), Mr. Steve Chand, graced the 2023 Graduation Ceremony as the Chief Guest at the Pacific Regional Seminary, held today, Wednesday, November 22, 2023. In a momentous graduation mass, Mr. Chand had the privilege of witnessing the proud recipients being awarded their Diplomas in Theology and Bachelor of Divinity Certificates.

During his address at the reception, Mr. Chand eloquently reminded the graduates that their path leading to this momentous occasion had been paved with unwavering dedication, diligence, and a relentless spirit. Emphasizing that the pursuit of theological education transcends the mere acquisition of knowledge, he highlighted its profound essence: cultivating empathy, fostering understanding, and forging a deeper connection with the world around us.

Mr Chand also talked bout some strategic plans and activities in the higher education sector. He congratulated PRS for completing the review and renewal of its registration with HECF in May this year.

The PRS graduation was a solemn and colourful ceremony that ended with the celebration and the presentation of cultural dances by the students of the respective Pacific Islands.

Delegation from Te Pukenga, NZ paid Courtesy Visit

A delegation from Te Pukenga, New Zealand, paid a courtesy visit to the Higher Education Commission – Fiji – Fiji, where they were warmly welcomed by Mr. Steve Chand, the Chairperson. The team includes Mr. Luke Crosbie and Dr. Linda Aumua, the former director of HECF. Te Pukenga aims to support Pacific Island countries through sustained, long-term projects aimed at fostering development and growth in the region.

This week, the team will be in Fiji, and they are scheduled to travel to Tonga next week.

Te Pūkenga has brought together 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics and nine industry training organisations into one organisation, with the goal of supporting work-based, campus-based and online learning as a unified system right across the country.

Workshop to Strengthen the Pacific Qualification Framework

The Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rohit Kishore of the Higher Education Commission Fiji (HECF) is attending the Pacific Qualification Advisory Board (PQAB) workshop from 8-9 November 2023 at the Tokatoka Resort, Nadi.

Dr Kishore presented the work being carried out by the HECF. He also spoke about the Fiji National Qualification Framework and highlighted its relation to the Pacific Qualification Framework (PQF).

The objective of the workshop is to strengthen the Pacific Framework through the Pacific Qualifications Recognition regional project 2023 – 2028.

The Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) in partnership with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority is taking steps to strengthen the Pacific Qualifications Framework (PQF) to support improved recognition of Pacific qualifications.

As part of strengthening the PQF, this workshop will allow the PQAB to step into a stewardship role for the PQF by acting as collective ‘owners’ of the framework and actively giving oversight to the referencing and benchmarking process. By doing this the outcomes of the process will be transparent and trusted, so they can be used in the future to support improved recognition of Pacific qualifications, using the PQF as a translation device between different national qualifications systems.

First Ever Provincial Council Consultation

For the first time, representatives from Provincial Councils, including Rabi and Kioa, convened under a single roof to address critical national education issues alongside the Ministry of Education Fiji and Higher Education Commission – Fiji. This collaboration became a reality during a consultation held on Friday, November 3, 2023, at the Southern Cross Hotel in Suva.

The main focus was on addressing the need for training programs to retain skilled professionals in provincial areas. The provincial councils were pleased to learn about recent education reforms and shared their training needs, fostering a positive discussion for educational progress.

The consultation was officially opened by the Minister for Ministry of Education FIJI, Hon Aseri Radrodro and closed by the Assistant Minister, Hon Iliesa Vanawalu.

Higher Education Commission – Fiji Chair, Mr. Steve Chand, was happy to see his initiative yielding positive results. He expressed his satisfaction with the collaborative efforts made by the Provincial Councils, emphasizing the importance of such joint endeavors.

External Review Committee

The External Review Committee for Fiji Universities, was officially, announced by the Minister for Ministry of Education FIJI, Hon Aseri Radrodro.

In introducing the esteemed members of the External Review Committee, the Minister described them as individuals who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge and who have demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding the highest academic standards. These individuals have been carefully selected to serve as pillars of expertise and impartiality in this critical endeavor.

The External Review Committee includes Chair and Monash University academic Professor Simon Wilkie, Professor Paresh Narayan also of Monash University, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham, Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil, Strategy Operation and Culture Fiji Director Dr Emily Yalimaiwai and Pacific Climate Change envoy Rex Haroi.

The committee’s primary objectives will be to assess the overall quality of education and research at our universities, evaluate the effectiveness of governance and administration, review academic and support services, and make recommendations to enhance the overall quality of our institutions.

4500 Plus Students Attended the Higher Education Expo

“To the students who have attended this event, I encourage you to reflect on the knowledge and insights you have gained over these four days.”

Those words were quoted from the address of the Chair of the Higher Education Commission – Fiji, Mr Steve Chand as he officially closed the Higher Education Careers Expo 2023.

Mr Chand said that it had been inspiring and heartening to witness the enthusiasm and sheer numbers of students participating in this remarkable event.

The Career Expo bridges students and institutions where dreams and aspirations can find a direction and purpose, ” Mr Chand described.

More than 4500 students attended this expo.

Day three of Higher Education Expo

More than 2000 students attended day 3 of the Careers Expo at Vodafone Arena.

The Higher Education Career Expo has adopted an early intervention approach by extending invitations to primary school students. We firmly believe that initiating career guidance at the primary level is essential.

Primary school students come as far as Wainibuka.

Excitement in the Air!

We were thrilled to have these enthusiastic attendees join us at the Higher Education Career Expo 2023 all the way from Lautoka to Suva!

These young gents even brought along a wise elder as their supervisor, showing their commitment to making the most of this incredible opportunity.

While we understand the expo will be coming to the Western Division next year, their choice to attend the event at the prestigious VODAFONE ARENA in Suva speaks volumes about the quality and experience we aim to provide.

Education Expo

The Higher Education Career Expo 2023 was officially opened by the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Education FIJI, Ms Selina Kuruleca yesterday, Monday 16 October 2023 under the theme “Empowering Your Higher Education Journey to Employment and Entrepreneurship.”

Ms Kuruleca encouraged the students to seize the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and gather as much information as they could to make informed decisions about their future.

“ Embrace diversity, curiosity, and the pursuit of knowledge. Be open to new ideas and unafraid of change,” advised Ms Kuruluca.

The expo would be held for four days.