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Assisting Students Reach Full Potential

Some parents force their expectations on students without accepting and understanding the actual academic ability of their child. This is a common finding from secondary schools by the Fiji Higher Education Commission team, currently conducting consultation in the Central/Eastern division.

The same was raised at Suva Grammar School, and one of the teachers explained that despite the advice from teachers, parents continue to force their children to take up subjects of their choice.

The Chair of the FHEC, Mr Steve Chand explained that the end goal is to help students reach their full potential so all stakeholders should work together to achieve this and there should be systems in place to cater to this need.

FHEC Director, Dr Rohit Kishore further explained a proposition of introducing competency-based lessons as part of the curriculum to provide more choices for students to pursue skills-based qualifications.

Mr Chand also said that the proposition is part of the big plan of addressing the exodus of skills professionals.

“ We have to train our people to cater to both the local and overseas market and we can start at the secondary school level,” continued Mr Chand.

The FHEC has been met with enthusiasm from the school‘s Principal, Mr. Iosefo Masivue, who said the initiative has been long overdue.