HECF launches new brand

The Fiji Higher Education Commission will now be known as Higher Education Commission, Fiji.

During the rebranding launch Assistant Minister of Education Iliesa Vanawalu pledged his support that HEC is taking steps up with changing global landscape of higher education and that rebranding is a strategic step and the starting point of the rise to a new level, to reshape the higher education sector in alignment of its new strategic plan.

Vanawalu stated that the new brand represents the values of accountability, integrity, respect, and diversity of the education sector and serves as a solid foundation of ongoing success.

“It is crucial for the commission to ensure that the rebrand reflects the needs and interests of the people it serves in Fiji. This means that the commission must stay up to date on current trends and societal economic changes to better understand how the brand can connect with its audience effectively and emotionally.”

“It is encouraging to note that higher education legislation is also currently under review.”

He highlighted that the legal framework should fit the purpose to make rebranding meaningful and effective for the long-term success of the brand.

HEC, Fiji Chair Steve Chand said the new name “Higher Education Commission, Fiji, is the correct and legal name of the organization in the Higher Education Act 2008.

“This rebranding is one of the KPIs that was given to us, and I am pleased to say that we have achieved it within three months of our appointment.”

“The new logo is a symbol of our commitment to excellence in providing quality services to all our stakeholders and the motivation for creativity, challenge, and innovation.”

“The new brand reflects our new strategic plan which focuses on developing an innovative, relevant, resilient, sustainable, and engaging higher education commission.”

“Our new brand is designed to strengthen the relationship with our stakeholders.”

The new logo launched has been thoroughly researched and designed by professionals, and the slogan “pioneering your future” captures the heart of the brand. 

The slogan will build the brand identity and increase brand recognition.

Commission members with the Assistant Minister for Education, Hon Iliesa Vanawalu, during the Rebranding launch

Graduands Addressed as “Extraordinary”

The Higher Education Commission, Fiji Chairperson Steve Chand has honored the graduands as extraordinary.

“I call you extraordinary because you take these education opportunities with faith and strive to complete them despite the odds against you.”

While addressing the graduands at Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre (MWVTC), Chand said Fiji is blessed to have institutions which provides skills based developmental opportunities to underprivileged women of our society.

“Our nation is facing serious challenge of skills gap and shortage of tradesperson, this is because our trades persons leaving Fiji for overseas countries, as there are high demand and critical shortage of tradesperson.”

“A large percentage of our youths remain unemployed as they are not suitably qualified or trained for the availability of jobs.”

“Institutions like Makoi, will assist our nation in training skilled professionals so that we continue to have the supply of human resources in our local market.”

He said HEC Fiji, will continue to urge Fijians to study in the registered institutions, as qualifications and programmes are accredited by Fiji Qualifications Framework.

The MWVTC offers two National Qualifications that are developed by HEC Fiji. These two are National Certificate in Aged Care and Community Care (Level 3) and National Certificate in Fashion, Manufacturing and Design (Level 2).

A total 1600 women have graduated from Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre.

Institutions on Consensus for Care-Giving Short Courses

Five institutions have agreed to stop offering short courses and register to deliver the National Certificate in Aged Care and Community ( Level 3).

The institutions include Lumiere Health Services, Caregiving School of Excellence, Service Pro International Tourism and Hospitality, Caregivers Services Professional Institute, and Prestige Caregiving Fiji met with the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) to arrive at this consensus.

The meeting was chaired by the FHEC Chair, Mr Steve Chand whose initiative brought the institutions together. It was the first time for these institutions to come together on a collaborative platform.

The vast demand for caregivers through the Pacific Australia Labour Market (PALM) scheme and opportunities offered by other countries call for qualified caregivers, and short courses won’t equip our local people for this demand.

FHEC Director, Dr Rohit Kishore reminded the institutions that the FHEC is mandated to protect the interest of learners and seek the cooperation of the institutions in this regard.

The discussions centred on the nature of the course, the sensitivity of the work, the intensity of the competencies required and the ethical and safety

The institutions in this meeting agreed unanimously to stop offering short courses and look forward to upgrading their programmes into full qualifications, especially in offering the national certificate.

The institutions are also looking at forming a Professional Body to look into the Caregiving courses provided in Fiji. The FHEC Chair explained that the meeting was a successful one noting its positive outcomes.